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Love your skin, go Natural!


  • Soap

    Cake soaps scented with Baby powder fragrance oil

    The ingredients are not different from the other soaps, it contains all the necessary oils and butter to nourish your skin.
    Perfect gift for birthday.

    • Gentle to the skin
    • Organic Shea butter nourishes dry and sensitive skin
    • Available in two colors

    • 100% Natural
    • Vegan
    • Palm oil free

  • Soap

    Seasonal soaps – Christmas cupcake soap

    The sweet, spicy smell of the cinnamon has a soothing and stress-relieving effect on both the body and mind. In addition, due to it’s blood-enhancing and warming effects, it is excellent for the treatment of cellulite, same as sweet orange essential oil. Clove is an excellent anti-inflammatory.

    • Organic Shea butter nourishes dry and sensitive skin
    • Cinnamon, clove and sweet orange …
  • BathBomb

    Bath bomb with Jojoba oil scented with peppermint and lemon essential oil

    Bath bombs:

    Our bath bombs exist in a variety of scents and colours, but their common feature is that they contain
    Jojoba oil and not only give you a bathing experience and a pleasure after a tired day, but also have a
    beneficial effect on your skin.

    Kids love them, because of the effervesce, makes the bath fun, and last but not least, nourish …

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